Plex Media: Home Media Solved


Plex, A Complete Media Solution, is a fantastically well polished media solution which i have had for nearly a year. I feel its definitely something anyone with a decent media set-up at home should be using. If you watch SD TV via the traditional cable providers then this is not for you.

This solution is for those who have video content already and can be extended to include the streamed services that you might also enjoy. I have this software installed on my desktop PC which has the local copies of my favourite TV Shows, Movies and Anime. My house mate also has it installed on his Desktop so i can stream content that he has available in his Plex.

So why is this so great. Well only some of the reasons i can give might actually mean something to you. Most of these features needs only arise when you add another layer of complexity to the solution. It is this complexity that really tests a true solution to see if it really is the one-for-all.

Plex connects me to my Movies and TV Shows on Windows & Android


Plex is installed on a local PC. It can then be accessed by a number of apps with a range of operating system support. For those times that you do not have the app there is also a web server built in that can transcode the video to you over the web.


This works brilliantly and provides a nice uPnP feature to automatically NAT the correct port from the internet into your computer and it actually works. However Plex do not expect you to run about knowing your exernal ISP provided IP address instead you can login to their portal via which you create an account for and then link your server to it. What you end up with looks a little like this:


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