Look up, but start small

A viral video that most have seen by now tackles the problem of hyper-connectivity in the modern world. I have noticed, as i am sure others have, the differences alluded to in this video from the childhood of yesterday to that of the modern youth. The impending decline of facebook, privacy concerns and cloud software hacks are pushing people to rethink what they put into the cloud and why. I like this video, its smart and not self delusional but we need to start small. Heres how i am tackling my hyper-connectivity.

1. Personal Communication – I communicate when needed via text but always use a phone call for conversations. I use facebook only for family information and never to substitute a visit.

2. Times of use – i put my phone away when i am talking to someone, house mate or friends. Similarly its banned from use in the bathroom (you know you do it).

3. Dinner with Friends – I tried an experiment thats working well. When i meet my friends we put away the phones, for those with kids we put them upside down on the table but on silent with vibrate. We do not jump to IMDB or Google to recall some detail about our topic of conversation, we use our brains.

4. Industry – In my industry keeping a finger on the pulse is important, but zero hour information is no longer where i spend my time. A big announcement can be a day old and still be just as important, i don’t need to be re-tweeting and blogging within minutes.

5. Work – Work stays firmly between the hours of 8.30 and 5.30 pm, no more email reading outside these hours.

So what should you do? Think about the tool you are using, what you use it for and see how its affecting your behavior. Whens the last time you spent more than an hour with those you call friends?

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